How a Fish Taught Me the Meaning of Life Over Lunch

Yesterday I ate my lunch alone, sitting next to a water feature-cum-pond with some koi carp swimming around inside. As I sat in in quite contemplation devouring my pasta and vegetables, a surprising thing happened. A fish swam around the pond and, when it reached the point at where I was sat, did a quick roll […]

12 Simple Ways to Feel Inspired & Happy Right Now

We all need a touch of inspiration to reignite the fire in our soul, be it to stimulate creative ideas for a project we’re working on or simply to break the monotony of life’s auto-pilot and lose ourselves in the moment of possibility for a while. It is easy to become caught up in the day-to-day hustle that […]

Why You Should Take the Day off Work & Not Feel Guilty About It

Man, I just can’t get motivated to do any work today. I don’t know What it is, I’m just not feeling it at all. Any tips? Take the day off. Do something you love and come back tomorrow feeling refreshed and productive. Outrageous, huh? Telling someone to take the day off work just because they feel […]

6 Ways Anger Changes Who You Are & 5-Simple Steps to a Calmer Mind

We all have those days when we get to the end of our tether with life;  your partner doesn’t appreciate you, your job sucks, bills keep going up, friends are being awkward, life is unfair and you just can’t get a break – and to top it all off, you’re tired as hell! And just when you’re on […]

10 Easy Ways to Snap Out of a Bad Mood & Find Instant Mental Peace

A bad mood can be a pretty difficult thing to shake off. Moreover, we often have no idea how we ended up in such a miserable pickle and how to snap out of it. Bad moods have a horrible habit of lingering around, making you feel uneasy, stressed, cynical and angry at the world. Sometimes […]

How to Change the World in Just 1 Second

You know that moment when you have a rush of goodness come over your presence, when you’re consumed by feelings of kindness, compassion and empathy. We all feel it occasionally. It swells from somewhere deep inside and compels us to reach out and take positive action for the greater good, someone in need, or even to show ourselves a […]

How to Quit and Still Win Comfortably

We’ve all been there. In fact, most of us go there at least once a week. You find yourself knee-deep and stressed in work you wish you’d never taken on. Whether it’s a project or task you’ve been given at the office, or whether you’ve promised someone you’d do something for them and don’t want […]

Why You Should Meditate – And a Breathing Meditation to Get You Started

If you aren’t a meditator, you probably think, “why bother?” And you probably don’t have time, right? Which makes you a perfect candidate for meditation, so do read on… And if you are a part-time meditator, or someone who dabbles occasionally when encouraged by a post like this, at times you probably find yourself questioning […]