Spirituality – What Does it Really Mean?

Spirituality isn’t an easy thing to define, primarily because it is an inner personal pathway that most of us would describe differently, albeit with some common factors, I’m sure. When independent of a religious group, spirituality is perceived as somewhat ambiguous. It is a common thing to hear someone say, “I’m not religious, but consider […]

3 Special Pearls of Wisdom Adults Can Learn From Toddler Tantrums

I shouldn’t laugh, my mum says. “She must know that you’re not pandering to her attention seeking”. And I must admit, my mum is an expert when it comes to kids. Well, aren’t all mums of the “old school generation”? Seriously, it’s like every stage of development they describe before your child gets there seems […]

One Simple Trick to Beat Sleep Anxiety & Fall Asleep Fast

No matter how tired you are, sleep anxiety can prevent you from falling asleep and getting the valuable shut-eye you need to be happy and full of beans in the morning. The more your mind races the more restless and agitated you feel, as the monkey mind spins thought trail after trail of random worries, […]

How I Eliminate the Stress of Having ‘So Much to Do’ [in just a few words]

We all know that feeling. In fact, for many of us it’s a constant theme looping uncontrollably through our lives. I’ve got so many things to do! You keep telling yourself this. You tell everyone else, especially those who want to add to your never-ending to-do list. This state of mind stops you being able […]

Why There’s No Greater Success Than the One You’re Experiencing Now

Whenever I say the word “success”, I always have to point out that I’m talking about whatever success means to you, personally. Success doesn’t have to mean getting to the top of a career ladder or earning lots of money, as we have become somewhat programmed to believe. No, success should be a personal expression […]

What it Means to Truly Live in the Present Moment

The easiest way to explain living in the present is to explain what it means to not be present, since this is the state we have become so habitually used to. The first thing to understand is that when you aren’t being present you become a victim of time. This means your mind is being […]

How a Fish Taught Me the Meaning of Life Over Lunch

Yesterday I ate my lunch alone, sitting next to a water feature-cum-pond with some koi carp swimming around inside. As I sat in in quite contemplation devouring my pasta and vegetables, a surprising thing happened. A fish swam around the pond and, when it reached the point at where I was sat, did a quick roll […]

12 Simple Ways to Feel Inspired & Happy Right Now

We all need a touch of inspiration to reignite the fire in our soul, be it to stimulate creative ideas for a project we’re working on or simply to break the monotony of life’s auto-pilot and lose ourselves in the moment of possibility for a while. It is easy to become caught up in the day-to-day hustle that […]

Why You Should Take the Day off Work & Not Feel Guilty About It

Man, I just can’t get motivated to do any work today. I don’t know What it is, I’m just not feeling it at all. Any tips? Take the day off. Do something you love and come back tomorrow feeling refreshed and productive. Outrageous, huh? Telling someone to take the day off work just because they feel […]